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We are an online Publication for Non-ASRA Members. All Members of ASRA that wish to have a copy they can hold in their hands get them by mail quarterly.


The Editors, Journalists and Photographers that are “On Staff”, and others that “Freelance” are made up of some of the best the Automotive and Motorsports Industry has to offer. Most if not all of our Contributors come from the most noted Automotive Publications in the US. Our Group of Contributors came from AutoWeek (Competition Press), Car and Driver, Road & Track, Motor Trend, Race Engineering, Hot Rod, Car Craft and many other Automotive, Motorsports, Lifestyle, and Car Club Publications. We welcome new Contributors all the time. So if you need a Soap Box to stand on, contact us and maybe we can use your stuff.

Where We Started

The Motorsports Report had various names over the years since it started as a local New England and New York based newsletter for the dealerships of English Motor Car Distributor, J.S. Inskip Motors of New York, NY and Providence, RI. What started as an Inter-Office Memo and Newsletter of the Distributorship to its Dealers, grew as extra pages were added to give the newly founded SCCA a place to send news to its members. This publication has changed and gone underground a few times since its start around 1930, when it’s original founder J.S. Inskip became the Distributor of most English Cars into the Northeast US, and became the Manufacturer of our own brand, The Brewster Ford Automobile. Then we added Sports Cars after the end of WWII. And like any good stock it would grow when new events and series came along, then split off to sometimes become that new group’s Home Publication taking a few of our people on the way.


Our splits came in 1944 when the SCCA was founded. Again a short time later when we helped put on the first SCCA Race in Watkins Glen, NY in 1948. Again in the late Fifties when Go-Karts and Karting came to be, and again in the late seventies, when IMSA came out of the SCCA. When the J.S. Inskip Group of Automobile franchises was sold in 1977, our focus went from Sports Cars to Drag Racing when our Automotive interests switched from selling new cars to designing and building Cars and Components for the various Drag Racing Series. Our parent company, (another spin off of JSI) focuses on designing safety and chassis components.


Since 1983 we had gone back to our roots as a small inter-company and private, subscription only club newsletter. Starting in 1997 with our moving of our headquarters to the Southwest from the East Coast we started covering all forms of Motorsports.


Including but not limited to: Road Racing (all kinds: SCCA, IMSA, NASA, Chump Car & ASRA), Drag Racing, (because my Family does it), Off Road, (because we use a shop that builds them), Sand Drags, (because our friends Kenny & Fern put them on), and now Street Drags, (because Route 66 has to be used by somebody other than Tourists from other Countries). And so you know, our focus is not usually who won, who crashed, or all the bad stuff that happens in Racing. We try to spotlight the Crews, Mechanics, Engineers, Designers, and Drivers as human beings, not as celebrities. Results you can get online everywhere. We will try tell you what a crew might have gone through or lost personnel, a silly ruling, or a great crew going above and beyond.

What We Do Besides Being Journalists

We Test Cars, (Real Cars, mostly rear wheel drive Hi-Performance cars), Components, (Stuff you buy for your Race Car), Accessories, (things you buy for your Street Car like Stereos, and Radar Detectors) and when we are not testing or racing, we write about and photograph New Cars, Cool Cars and Racing. We also give writers and photographers that may have been with another publication before they were downsized or retired, a place where they can apply their trade craft, and publish stuff every once and a while without having to do the work alone. We do not have paid Advertisements, but we do recommend and endorse certain Shops, Services, and Products that we have tested, used, or given as gifts to friends that we really like and feel good about giving them high marks. Questions or Ideas? Feel free to write to us.


Dicken Wear, Editor-in-Chief


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